We are Cortina

Cortina creates bestselling footwear and apparel collections that achieve strong results and long-term growth. Allowing customers, suppliers and employees to grow with us. In a straightforward, more competitive and sustainable way.

private label
Private label

Cortina specializes in private label footwear development. Each year, we create more than 2500 unique and bestselling styles that customers can use to sell under their own label. Additionally, we develop and produce commercial collections for brands according to their identity and style guides.


Throughout the years, we launched several successful brands: our fashion footwear brand Safety Jogger Lifestyle and our certified professional footwear and workwear brand Safety Jogger Works. In 2008, we also welcomed Patrick, the famous French teamwear, sports and lifestyle brand.


Thanks to our merger with Leomil, we have become a major player in the character licensing business. Today, we are the licensee of the world’s most famous characters such as Frozen, Spiderman, Hello Kitty and many more. In addition, we also specialize in brand licensing for well-known brands such as Lee Cooper.


We are happy to offer our vast expertise, extensive knowledge and professional infrastructure to both customers and suppliers. Our goal is to provide a one-stop solution that solves many of their daily problems, lets them focus on what they do best and most importantly: improves their business.


Over 70 years of experience

We’re a family-owned company with over 70 years of expertise in footwear development


200 million USD total turnover

making Cortina a financially stable partner


30 million pairs of shoes

developed, produced and delivered each year


450 motivated employees

with a passion for the shoe business


5.000 customers

being serviced by our professional sales team in over 70 countries


8 showrooms

in our offices in Belgium and China


2.500 unique models

developed each year


15 global designers

Who translate the latest fashion trends into a commercial collection

We are global

At Cortina, we have alliances with the largest retail partners around the world. Through our offices in Belgium, China and the United States, our products reach more than 50.000 points of sale globally. Our international operations allow us to serve all customers in the best way possible and ensure profitable long-term growth.