Futureproof your software to prepare your organization for the future.

Organizations that want to stay relevant and grow in today's digital age need to gear up in the field of digitization. They also need to be flexible to adapt to a constantly changing environment. CounterFort has the capacity to meet business expectations and develop the intuitive, scalable, agile and secure software that Cortina needs to be innovative and stay competitive!

Digital transformation

Without data, a digital transformation is impossible. But you are nothing with data alone. CounterFort uses them correctly and transforms the organization and becomes truly data-driven.

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We strongly believe in the “Lean and Mean” - Agile approach


Today our customers and suppliers don’t want to process data manually anymore! Our different software and IT systems are connected to our customers and suppliers make smart integrations between all the data.

CounterFort has developed several API’s, Portals, EDI-Connections to improve the data transfer with our customers and suppliers. The result is a faster and more efficient business processes, fewer errors & more time to focus on our core business.

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