What started as a small shoe factory quickly grew into a global footwear and apparel company.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our people, Cortina is one of the fastest-growing global fashion footwear and apparel companies in today’s industry. Each year, we deliver over 30 million pairs of shoes and 5 million pieces of apparel to wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

our story

Our story

We are Cortina, a family-owned business that was founded in the early fifties in Oudenaarde, Belgium. Today, we are an international company that specializes in footwear and apparel and supplies both wholesalers and retailers around the globe. As one of the first companies to invest in a production unit in China, we were able to grow fast in our market, without loss of quality in the process.

Cortina’s business activities can be divided into three main areas. To begin with, we play a leading role in the worldwide private label business. Every year, we design, produce and distribute a large collection of more than 2500 commercial models for both children and adults. Secondly, we also offer a wide variety of licensed footwear and apparel for well-known brands and the world’s most popular characters. Finally, we also have several successful in-house brands: Safety Jogger and Patrick.

Thanks to our unique combination of company processes, we have become a one-stop solution for suppliers and customers. With in-house prototyping, design, development, quality assurance, sourcing, logistics, sales, ICT and marketing for both branded and unbranded footwear. These vast expertises allow us to solve many of the problems our customers and suppliers are facing daily.

All of this makes Cortina one of the fastest-growing fashion companies in the world. Enabling customers and suppliers to grow together with us. Or in other words:

Cortina improves your business.


We’re a family-owned company with over 70 years of experience


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Mattias Vanderschueren - Chairman

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