Private label

Vertical development

At Cortina, we design, sample and source all types of private label footwear. Each year, we create bestselling collections with more than 2500 unique styles, according to the latest trends and with a good mix of bestsellers and classics.


Each season, 15 global designers spot fashion all over the world and translate the latest trends into bestselling private label designs. Weekly product meetings and a mid-season collection analysis guarantee that our design team is aware of market demands and the latest evolutions in the worldwide shoe business.


Our private label collection is comprised of a wide range of summer and winter styles for kids, teens, men and women. Dressed, casual or sportive. Our global design team creates these bestselling collections twice a year and updates them weekly to ensure maximum sell-through for our clients.


Thanks to our sample service, we can produce all types of footwear prototypes on-site. That way, we guarantee high-quality samples of our private label shoes. In addition, we offer endless shoe prototyping possibilities and capacity for a variety of footwear categories: commodities, niche footwear or fashion shoes for kids and adults.


Thanks to our widespread network of quality suppliers, we can source and produce any kind of footwear, tailored to the customer’s needs. These partnerships are based on years of cooperation and trust and make us a reliable partner in terms of price, quality and delivery times.

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